LAST UPDATED: 14:03pm on 10th June 2020

We will be making regular updates to this page. Please check back for the most up to date information.

Our lawn experts have been trained to observe and follow the rules in place to prevent the spread of Covid 19, including social distancing, personal hygiene and equipment cleaning.

It is important that our customers help us maintain these rules. These rules are in place to protect our lawn experts, yourself and the most vulnerable in our society.

Access to your lawn through your property

If the only access to your lawn(s) is through your property, please ensure there is a clear and safe passage for our lawn experts to walk through. Please also ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. Our lawn experts follow the guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Executive in relation to maintaining hygiene, and especially so before entering your property.


Social Distancing

Please ensure you remain more than 2 metres away from our lawn experts. You do not need to be present when we carry out your lawn treatment. Please ensure safe access is made available to all lawns. We will continue to deliver a paper invoice unless you ask us not to. You can request digital (paperless) invoices only by contacting our branch support (see below for contact details).

Our lawn experts will only be travelling one person per vehicle. This adds more time to our day which may cause delays and interruptions to our schedule. 


Are we allowed to continue providing our lawn care service?

Yes. The government has confirmed that we are still able to work providing we maintain the social distancing rule. At the time of writing, the only businesses that must remain closed relates to retailers. Shops create gatherings of people and therefore make it impossible to maintain the social distancing rule.

See below for further clarification:



If you would prefer us not to deliver a paper invoice once we have completed your upcoming treatment or service, or would prefer for us to postpone your upcoming treatment or service, please click here

Making Payments

If you wish to make a payment, you can do so as follows:

1.   If at the door, your lawn expert will have an envelope prepared. You must place the payment into the envelope. They may ask to see the payment to verify the amount is correct. NOTE: WE WOULD PREFER IF PAYMENT WAS NOT MADE AT THE DOOR.

2.       You can also pay by our other usual methods. Please see the reverse of the invoice for payment methods.


I have a quote booked. How will this be carried out?

Our lawn experts will carry out your quote as normal. You can then contact us if you require any further clarification or if you have any questions regarding the quote.

If you would prefer our lawn experts not to attend to your property, we can take a measurement from their vehicle using Google’s satellite imagery, and leave your quote with information in your letterbox.


Contacting us

Our office is closed and our staff are currently working from home. If there are any delays in getting back to you, please accept our apologies.