Laying a new lawn can feel like laying a new carpet, but without the proper care and attention, that new velvet lawn can deteriorate quickly. Here’s a few tips to help you keep your new lawn looking as fresh as it did on the day it was laid.

A recently laid lawn

Above: A new lawn can look great when it is first laid, but without the proper care and attention, it can deteriorate quickly

The first eight weeks

The most crucial period in the life of a newly laid lawn is usually around the first eight weeks. During this period, the turf needs time to root itself into the soil.

  1. The soil needs to remain wet at all times and should never be allowed to dry out.
  2. The lawn should not be walked upon unless absolutely necessary (for example, if it needs to be watered).

The first 12 months

During the first 12 months, the soil will settle and the roots will mature. Providing the correct preparations were made prior to laying the turf, the lawn soil should remain level. If not, lumps and bumps may form over the surface or the soil may become waterlogged. It is important to carry out the correct types of maintenance such as mowing, watering and spiking to ensure your lawn doesn’t deteriorate quickly. Your lawn will not yet be mature enough for heavy use, so light use only is recommended. Football and parties are a definite no-no!

When can I mow my new lawn?

This really depends on several factors. If the weather is wet or you are watering your lawn heavily, your new lawn will start to grow within just a few days. It is important to mow your lawn when it needs mowing to avoid having to take too much off the grass plant. Avoid using a ride-on lawn mower, or a lawn mower with a heavy roller.

When can Green Man start to treat my new lawn?

We can start applying treatments after just a few weeks. If they’re not controlled, weeds will start to appear quite quickly, and moss can become a problem. Your new lawn has been fertilised regularly by the turf farmer, so it is important to maintain a fertiliser programme to ensure the grass plants have the correct nutrients. Our equipment is designed to be used on lawns of all ages.

What other Green Man Lawn Care treatments will help my new lawn?

No matter how old or young a lawn is, they all require the same method of care. All of our treatments work hand-in-hand with each other, and the more treatments your lawn has throughout the year, the better it will be. To discuss your options, talk to your local Green Man Lawn Care Expert.

What other problems can occur on my new lawn?

Your new lawn can face many problems. Even if you have kept on top of your lawn mowing, and watered it in properly, there are still problems that are unavoidable.

  1. Fungal diseases are prone to attacking new lawns. Red thread diseases are now detected in the grass seed itself, and fusarium attacks most new lawns. Click here for further information on fungal diseases.
  2. Mushrooms may not cause any actual harm to your new lawn, but can look unsightly. It is common for a new lawn (under 12 months old) to be constantly plagued with mushrooms. Click here for further information on mushrooms.
  3. Waterlogging and winter die-back. It is common for lawns that are growing in a shaded, sheltered or enclosed environment to suffer from waterlogging or winter die-back. Click here for further information on winter die-back.