Paying by Direct Debit

Paying by monthly direct debit is easy and secure. Instead of paying for each treatment and service after we carry them out, we can set up a monthly direct debit payment that will cover the treatments included in your treatment plan.

We’ll also apply a discount to each treatment or service. The amount of discount we apply will depend on how many treatments or services are included in your treatment plan.

What happens if I want to add a treatment or service to my annual treatment plan?

If you want to add a treatment or service that will be carried out every year, you can either add it to your monthly payment plan and your monthly payment will be amended, or we can automatically deduct the payment via the Direct Debit system once it has been completed. This process is also known as AutoDeduct. 

As a default, if you have a direct debit plan set up with us, any additional treatments you have will be taken through AutoDeduct. If you wish to pay for additional treatments and services via a different method, please let us know and we will change your options.

What happens if I want to cancel?

To cancel our services, you must contact us by email, letter or telephone. Cancelling your direct debit will not automatically cancel our services, and late cancellation charges may be applied if we attempt to carry out a treatment or service.

To qualify for the Direct Debit discount, you must have made 12 or more monthly payments. If you cancel our services before the 12 payments have been made, any discounts will be removed from any previous invoices and added to your account.

If you wish to cancel, you can do so at any time. There is no fixed term contract. By default, the treatments and services in your treatment plan will recur in the same treatment period, the following year. If you do not wish for any of the treatments or services to automatically recur, please let us know so we can make the necessary changes to your treatment plant.

At the point of cancellation, if your account is in credit, we refund you this amount. If your account is in debit, you will need to make a payment to bring the account back to £0.00. Upon cancellation of our services, if there is any amount outstanding, this amount becomes due immediately and late payment charges will be added in accordance with our terms and conditions until the balance is cleared.

Throughout the year, your account will go in and out of credit with us. As you make payments, your account will build credit. When we carry out a treatment or service, we will use the credit that has build up to pay for the treatment or service we have carried out. If your account goes in to debit (i.e. your balance is less than £0.00), the next payments will eventually bring your account back in to credit.

In the example below, you can see the difference between paying for our service on a pay-as-you-go basis or by direct debit. In this example, we have assumed the cost of each seasonal treatment is £25. 

If we now look at the same annual treatment plan as above but paying on a direct debit plan, you can see how your account will drift in and out credit and debit. On the direct debit example breakdown below, we have applied the 10% direct debit discount to each of the treatments and services. In this example, you will see that over the 12 month plan, this customer has paid £19.69 a month. Starting in March, this covers 5 seasonal treatments (Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter) as well as three types of Booster treatments (Scarification, Aeration and Overseeding). 

Who handles the direct debit payments?

Our direct debits are processed via GoCardless. You can see more details by clicking this link:

Your bank details and any other details required to facilitate the processing of your direct debit payments are stored and handled by GoCardless. Green Man Lawn Care do not store or have access to your bank details.


How do you calculate my monthly direct debit amount?

Your monthly direct debit payment amount is calculated by adding up the cost of all the services you have requested over the next 12 months, applying the discount, then dividing this amount by 12. 

How do I know the balance of my account?

On each invoice, you will see a direct debit account balance at the bottom right hand corner. If you need the most up-to-date statement, you can contact your local branch on the number printed on your invoices. Alternatively, you can call our branch support team on 01206 598 030 or email them at, or chat to us using the chat box to the bottom right of our website.

Do you notify me prior to taking a payment?

Yes. Every time we apply for a payment, you will be notified by email. You will have the opportunity to refuse the payment should you wish to.

I have a question that is not answered on here. Who do I contact?

You can contact your local branch on the number printed on your invoices.  Alternatively, you can call our branch support team on 01206 598 030 or email them at, or chat to us using the chat box to the bottom right of our website.