What is a weed?

A weed is a plant growing in an area that we don’t want it to. In our case, a weed is any other than plant that is not a grass plant. 

Where do they come from?

Weeds can grow from seeds which land on your lawn. Seeds can end up on your lawn via many different ways such as through the wind or from passing birds.

Weeds can also creep in to your lawn from surrounding flower beds.

Why are they a problem?

Apart from being unsightly, weeds are generally much hardier than grass plants. They can survivie for much longer during periods of drought, and will constantly compete for space and nutrients.

How does Green Man Lawn Care control weeds?

At each seasonal lawn care treatment, our local lawn experts will identify which weeds are present and use the appropriate application to control them. The application is a liquid application, and is sprayed over your entire lawn. it will only control the weeds in your lawn that aren’t members of the grass plant family.

Can Green Man Lawn Care rid my lawn of weeds completely?

At each treatment, your local lawn expert will be able to control a large portion of weeds present in your lawn at the time of application. Some weeds are hardier than others and require multiple applications before they are under control. Some require a different type of application completely.

As we are unable to prevent new weeds growing in your lawn following each application, you should always expect weeds to grow in between treatments.

Is there anything I need to know after a weed control application?

1. Do not cut your lawn for two days after a weed control application – This allows the plant to absorb the weed control.

2. Do not use the lawn for two hours following an application of weed control – This is to ensure the application is as effective as possible. Any use of the lawn can knock or rub the application off the surface of the weeds.

How do I know if the weed control application has worked?

Within the first seven to ten days (although this may be longer depending on the weather), the weeds in your lawn will start to twist. Flowers will start to close and will evetually dry out. Over the coming weeks, the weeds that were present in the lawn at the time of application will eventually die back.

If you control all the weeds in my lawn, my lawn will look very bare!

A lawn is meant to be all grass plants. When we control the weeds, this gives the grass plants the opportunity to grow in to the areas where the weeds once grew. In some cases, if weed growth is especially bad,it may be neccesary to repair the patches that are left by the grass plants. We can advise you what is required each time we visit to carry out a treatment.