Our core service is based around a recurring Seasonal Treatment Plan that concentrates on managing basic lawn problems such as weed and moss growth. At each of the treatments, we apply a seasonally specific fertiliser to ensure that the grass plants in your lawn stay nice and green.

Spring Treatment

During the cold wet winter, your lawn simply hasn’t got the energy to defend itself from its enemies. Spring is the time to give your lawn the boost it needs to wake up and smell the coffee… more

Early Summer Treatment

Now that the summer has started to kick in, weeds will be looking for a place to root down and make a family, but our second weed-control application of the year will help keep them at bay… more

Late Summer Treatment

British summers can be soaking wet or bone dry, and either condition can have an effect on your lawn. Rain-free summers cause lawns to dry out whereas wet summers allow fungal… more

Autumn Treatment

As summer comes to an end and temperatures start to fall, your lawn’s worst enemy, moss, will start to take hold again. Our Autumn Treatment controls any moss that may have… more

Winter Treatment

Winter really is a trying time for your lawn. The grass plant’s growth slows down to almost a standstill while moss thrives in its attempt to take over your lawn. Once again, a soluble… more