You can start at any time through year and there is never a bad time to start our lawn treatment service.

Yes. Our lawn treatments are designed to help thicken up your lawn whilst controlling lawn issues such as moss, weeds, and fungal diseases. We’ll always give you instructions on what you need to do to get the most from our treatments.

You will see some sort of change after any of our seasonal lawn treatments. If you start in the spring or summer, providing you follow our instructions, you will notice your lawn will start to green up and thicken up. Weeds will start to die back within the first 3 weeks after application. 

If you start in the autumn or winter, you will notice the colour improve and any moss that is present at the time of application start to die off. On average, changes to your lawn can be visible within just a few days to a few weeks.

For more details on our seasonal treatments and what to expect from each of them, click here.

Yes. Our products are far more advanced than the products available to your gardener or on the DIY market. We also use professional equipment to apply our products to ensure a much better application.

No. As long as we have access to all of the lawns that are to be treated, we don’t require anyone to be home.

Although you don’t need to water our products in directly after after a treatment, regular watering is required to ensure your lawn improves and remains healthy. We have an entire page dedicated to watering which can be found here.

We recommend that you don’t cut your lawn for 3 days either side of any treatment.

This is to ensure the weeds in your lawn are healthy enough to absorb our weed control application and to allow the fertiliser to drop closer to the soil level.

Absolutely! We want you and your lawn to see the most benefit from our lawn treatments. After every treatment, we send an email. Amongst other things, these emails contain important advice on what needs to be done between treatments to get the most benefit. Lawn mowing is a very important part of lawn care and can make the difference between a bad lawn and a great lawn. We have a dedicated lawn mowing page which can be found here. Watering during the dry spells is also just as important, so we offer advice on watering here.

We advise refraining from stepping on the lawn until the liquid components of the treatments have fully dried, which typically takes about 2 hours. This precaution prevents the treatments from being unintentionally spread. It is particularly important to exercise caution with our Autumn and Winter treatments, as it has the potential to stain carpets or wooden floors if tracked inside.

If you have pets that graze, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, we recommend keeping them off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or until three mowing sessions have passed, whichever is later. This helps prevent them from ingesting the applied treatments.

The amount of time a treatment takes depends on many factors, with the size of your lawn being the biggest factor. We use professional equipment that is calibrated to ensure the treatments are applied correctly and efficiently. The speed at which our lawn experts walk while carrying a treatment needs to be within a certain range to ensure it is applied correctly. To apply a spring, early summer or late summer, our lawn experts may need to refill their knapsack sprayers which can take some time, but in most cases, their knapsack may have enough of the soluble application to complete treatments at several properties. The actual application can take anywhere from a minute or two to a couple of hours depending on the size of your lawn. Remember, you don’t need to be in when our lawn experts apply our lawn treatments.

Like any business, we have terms and conditions. These can be found here.

Whenever we carry out a treatment, we’ll leave you with an invoice which will also advise you of the date of your next treatment or service. You’ll also receive an email which contains your next treatment date.

The only treatment we carry out that can produce a substantial amount of waste is Scarification. We are unable to remove the waste from your property. Following scarification, the waste will be either bagged and left for you to dispose of, or we will use your green waste bin/bags.

Yes. Simply email us at or call us on 0333 210 0057 and we’ll cancel your treatment plan. If you pay by Direct Debit, please check our Direct Debit Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Of course, that’s what we’re here for! Lawns can suffer from a range of different issues. Even different lawns in the same garden can have different issues. If we spot any lawn issues while carrying out your treatments, we’ll diagnose the issue and offer you a solution. If you spot any lawn issues between treatments, we offer a free-of-charge support ticket service. Simply request a support ticket by email, and respond to it with some photographs of the lawn issue and we’ll diagnose it and offer a solution. Whether that be an additional treatment or service to help resolve the issue or advice on anything you could be doing better to get the most from our treatments, we’ll let you know what is the best way forward.

In most cases, correct watering and lawn mowing will solve an issue, but sometimes it may be a more complex problem such as a fungal related issue or grub related issue.

To use this service, simply request a support ticket by emailing us at

We have a centralised customer support team. They can be contacted on 0333 021 0057. Our phone lines can get busy so it is often easier to contact us by email at

We can apply our treatments in most weather conditions. Fore more details, please refer to the different treatment types, but in general:

If the weather is very hot, we may not be able to apply the weed control treatment during the spring and summer treatments. Our slow release fertiliser will still be applied but will not have any effect until the weather becomes more favourable. This will actually help your lawn by providing nutrients to the grass plants as soon as the weather does become more favourable.

If it is raining on the day of your spring or summer treatments, we may not be able to apply the weed control treatment. However, the rain needs to be fairly heavy and consistent.

If it raining on the day of your autumn or winter treatment, the treatment will not be affected at all. However, if your lawn is waterlogged, we may not be able to apply either of these treatments.

If there is snow covering your lawn, we will not be able to apply any treatment.

If the grass leaves (blades) are frozen, we will not apply any treatment. If the soil is hard from the cold weather but the grass blades are not frozen, we will still apply the treatment and it it will not be affected by the frozen ground at all.

Ultimetaley, your lawn technician will decide whether a treatment can be applied or not.