As summer comes to an end and temperatures start to fall, your lawn’s worst enemy, moss, will start to take hold again. Our Autumn Treatment controls any moss that’s 

crept in, and introduces nutrients to the soil that will improve the plant’s immune system and help to maintain its healthy green colour for as long as possible. The ideal conditions for the application of this treatment occur during the cooler months throughout autumn and winter. This treatment can be applied in heavy rain and the solution will not be diluted in any way. The contents of the application are carried through the thatch and moss layers by water, meaning that better results can be seen following rainfall or heavy morning dew.

What can I expect from this treatment?

This treatment will turn your lawn a richer, darker shade of green. The grass plants will be more sturdy, and any moss in your lawn will start to turn black as it dies off.

Should I rake the dead moss out?

Moss grows by anchoring itself into thatch. Thatch is made up of many things including dead moss. To help reduce the amount of future moss growth, we would recommend raking or scarifying the dead moss out. You should also consider aerating as part of your annual treatment plan. Ideally, this sort of work should only be carried out between September and April.

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Will this treatment eradicate moss from my lawn?

No. Our treatments can only control the moss that is present in the lawn at the time of the treatment. To help further reduce the growth of moss, we would recommend our Booster Treatments.

Can I cut my lawn after this treatment?

Yes, but please allow 24 hours for the treatment to completely soak through to the soil.

Can I walk on my lawn after this treatment?

Yes, but please allow 24 hours before walking on your lawn. This treatment may cause stains if transferred off the lawn and onto paving stones or carpet.

Is this treatment safe for pets and children?

Yes. All of our treatments are safe for pets and children. We only ask that you refrain from using the lawn for 24 hours after this treatment is carried out to prevent staining pet fur or children’s clothing.

Will this treatment kill the weeds in my lawn?

No. Although this treatment may cause some weeds to die back, it will not have any effect on most weeds. Green Man Lawn Care only apply safe and professional weed-control treatments which require the air and soil temperatures to be above a certain temperature. Therefore, we do not carry out any form of weed-control treatment during the autumn or winter period.