Hollow Tine Aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn. Air is one of your lawns vital elements alongside water, nutrients and sunlight. Increasing the airflow to the root-zone is an important phase of lawn maintenance and should be carried out annually.

Over time, most soils will become compacted as the particles squash together reducing the grasses ability to grow well. This compaction will itself cause a number of problems and will increase the likelihood of the lawn becoming flooded or water logged.



Compacted soils are much more likely to become infested with either weeds such as daisys and dandelions or moss.

In compacted soils, the roots are unable to grow and reproduce and therefore unable to access the nutrients they require. The grass plants start to grow tufted, and bare patches will start to appear over time.

The grass also tends to be weak and pale in compacted soils, so improving the airflow will help new roots develop, and in turn will improve the quality of your lawn.

Increasing the airflow is also the best way of easing thatch by allowing air, water and fertiliser penetration to the root zone. This causes the thatch to break down naturally. This is particularly effective at the beginning and end of the growing season.