What is lawn fungal management?

A fungal disease is a growth caused by a fungus. Lawn fungal diseases absorb energy from the grass plants, often causing bare patches throughout the lawn. Fungal diseases can be managed to a certain level using the Green Man Seasonal Treatments and Green Man Booster Treatments, both of which will strengthen the grass plants, helping them fight off these diseases on their own. However, fungal diseases are complex and often require a fungicide to ensure that they don’t cause too much damage.

What fungal diseases does Green Man help manage?

Green Man’s lawn fungal treatments help to manage the following lawn fungal diseases:

Red thread


Fairy ring

What types of fungicide treatments does Green Man offer?

Green Man offers two types of fungicides.

Systemic fungicide

Systemic fungicides are absorbed into the grass plant, then travel around it, attacking the fungal disease as it goes. Due to the manner in which they work, systemic fungicides are applied during the spring and summer when the grass plant is in its active growth stage.

Contact fungicide

Contact fungicides remain on the surface of the plant and attack any fungal diseases that they come into contact with. Contact fungicides are generally applied during the autumn and winter when the grass plant is not growing.

Will a fungicide application get rid of the disease forever?

No. Fungal diseases are very complex, and like many organisms, are constantly evolving. The fungicides we used ten years ago are no longer effective due to the disease becoming resistant to them.

Systemic fungicides continue to pass through the fibres of the plant for some time and will therefore control a disease for a longer period. In most cases, an application will last around eight to twelve weeks. However, in severe cases and depending on several factors such as weather and environmental conditions, a follow-up treatment may be required to completely control the current growth of the disease.

Contact fungicides generally last a shorter amount of time. In most cases, an application will last for six to ten weeks. However, just like a systemic fungicide application, a follow-up treatment is sometimes required if environmental and weather conditions are favourable for the specific disease that is present at the time.

I’ve got mushrooms in my lawn. Do I need a fungicide treatment?

This is a very common question, and is covered in this blog post.