Early Summer Treatment

Now that the summer has started to kick in, weeds will be looking for a place to root down and make a family, but our second weed-control application of the year will help keep them at bay. We’ll also be looking for those more difficult varieties of weed, such as speedwells, that thrive at this time of year.


To keep the grass plants healthy, we need to ensure that they have access to nutrients. To do this, we put another application of non-scorch, slow-release fertiliser on the lawn.

Our application of slow-release nutrients will improve and maintain the growth of the grass plants in your lawn. Your lawn will thicken up and look greener.

Our weed-control treatment will control a large proportion of the weeds in your lawn. Some weeds will be controlled better than others depending on the current weather conditions.

To ensure you get the best results, please follow our lawn mowing and watering advice.

Following an Early Summer Treatment, please keep everyone off the lawn for at least two hours, including pets. Our treatments are safe, but they need some time to settle.

As with all our seasonal treatments, you should avoid mowing your lawn for two days before and two days after your spring treatment.

If there’s no rain, or your lawn isn’t watered in the days following your treatment, you should wait until it rains before you next mow your lawn.

You should also follow our lawn mowing and watering advice to ensure you get the desired results and your lawn gets the most benefit from our treatments.