Complete Lawn Renovation / Patch Repair

Over time, lawn pests such as weeds, moss and unsightly invasive grasses such as couch grass can start to take over. Compacted areas of soil will start to cause bare patches and, no matter how many general lawn treatments are applied, your lawn can generally look a little bit washed out.

Lawn renovation is a cost effective method of creating a new lawn without the hassle and expense of re-turfing.

How much does lawn renovation cost?

Our costs are based on the size of the lawn being renovated and the stages we need to include. Compared to re-turfing, the cost is much less and produces a lot less mess and waste. It’s free for one our lawn experts to assess your lawn and give you a cost. Click here if you would like to arrange a quote.

How long does renovation take?

There are several stages to a lawn renovation, each of which are carried out at different visits. You’ll be advised on how long each stage will take at your initial quote. Not all renovations will require all stages to be completed. The stages required are determined on the original condition of the lawn and our quotes are adjusted accordingly.

Will renovation get me a brand new lawn?

Yes. The result of a complete lawn renovation is a brand new lawn.

Will renovation level my lawn?

Renovation will help to level out small dips and bumps that are present throughout the lawn, but raising areas of lawn requires additional work and can be included as part of your quote if requested.

Is there anything I need to do during the renovation process?

We’ll send you aftercare guidelines which outlines what is required to ensure your renovation is a success. The most important bit if advice during the renovation process is watering. On completion of your lawn renovation, we’ll let you know what is required to maintain your new lawn.

What is the difference between renovating a lawn and just scarifying, aerating, overseeding and top-dressing it?

There’s a huge difference between just carrying out Booster treatments such as scarification and aeration. Booster treatments form part of a maintenance programme whereas the result of a lawn renovation is a new lawn.

What are the stages to a lawn renovation?

For the complete stages of a lawn renovation, see below.

Stage 1


We’ll assess your lawn to decide on the best methods to use during renovation.

Stage 2

Total Weed Control

If required, we’ll apply a total weed control to ensure we have killed off all lawn pests such as moss, weeds and invasive grasses. Over the nest 7 to 14 days, your lawn will start to go yellow as the unwanted plant life dies off. 

Stage 3


We prepare the ground for renovation by aerating and scarifying. This removes any unwanted dead plant material and creates a perfect bed for renovation.

Stage 4

Seed application

We’ll choose the correct seed variety for the environment within which your lawn is growing. Shaded lawns require a seed variety that will help it overcome the reduced amount of sunlight, whereas lawns in full sun benefit from a seed that holds on to moisture more efficiently.

Stage 5

Soil and nutrient application & WaterSave Application

We use a high quality screened top soil, rich in minerals and nutrients to ensure your new lawn gets the best start.

We also apply an application of nutrients and WaterSave. WaterSave helps distribute water throughout the soil, further improving the quality of germination.

Stage 6

Germination sheet

Germination sheet ensures the soil and seed stays damp whilst being shaded from the sun. It also helps to maintain a suitable temperature during the night. By simply setting up a sprinkler, the sheet will absorb the water and help spread it over the lawn.

Stage 7

Germination sheet

Over the next few weeks, your new lawn will start to grow. Just follow our watering guide to ensure the best possible outcome.

Stage 8

Germination sheet removal and weed control

When your new lawn is ready, we’ll remove the germination sheet, and control any weeds that have managed get a foot hold. Depending on he length of the grass, we may mow the lawn.

Stage 9

First mow

To ensure your new lawn gets the best start, we carry out your first mow. We’ll offer you the best advice on how to maintain your new lawn in between our regular seasonal treatments.

Will my lawn still require seasonal treatments?

Yes. Lawns require a complete programme of maintenance to ensure pests such as weeds and moss are controlled on a regular basis. Lawns also require nutrients to ensure the grass plants stay healthy. Green Man Lawn Care’s seasonal treatment plan will ensure your lawn is maintained, and the advice we offer will ensure your lawn stays nice and healthy throughout the year.

What aftercare is required from me?

For aftercare advice, please click here.

Will there be much waste and will it be removed from my property?

The amount of waste will depend on several factors. We may be able to give you an idea of how much waste there will be before starting but this may not be accurate.

We can remove waste from your property for an additional charge, or where required a skip or other form of collection can be factored in to your quote.