During the cold wet winter, your lawn simply hasn’t got the energy to defend itself from it’s enemies. Spring is the time to give your lawn the kick it needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Green Man’s

application of non-scorch slow release fertiliser will give your lawn the boost it needs to give it the advantage over it’s enemies. Our slow release fertiliser application will gradually feed your lawn until your next treatment in Early Summer and our weed control treatment will control those pesky weeds and give your lawn the room to flourish.

Got some questions?

Our appplication of slow release nutrients will improve and maintain the growth of the grass plants in your lawn. Your lawn will thicken up and and look greener.

Our weed control treatment will control a large proportion of the weeds in your lawn. Some weeds will be controlled better than others depending on the current weather conditions.

To ensure you get the best results, please follow our lawn mowing and watering advice.

Following a Spring treatment, please keep everyone off the lawn, includiing pets. Our treatments are safe, but our treatments need some time to settle.

You should avoid mowing your lawn for the first couple of days after a Spring treatment.

If there’s no rain, or your lawn isn’t watered in the following days, you should wait until it rains before you mow you next mow your lawn.

You should also follow our lawn mowing and watering advice to ensure your treatments are effective.

To ensure your next treatment is effective, avoid mowing your lawn a couple of days before the application.