What is rust?

Rust is a common fungal disease found on a variety of different plants including turf grasses. Rust occurs most often in summer and autumn, and is more active during periods of wet weather.

How do I know if my lawn has rust?

Affected grass plant leaves will start to turn yellow as the fungal spores (pustules) break out from the plant. These pustules are often a rusty orange in colour (hence the name) but can also darken to a much blacker colour during autumn.

The spores easily transfer onto clothes and shoes when walking across a lawn.

How did rust get onto my lawn?

Fungal diseases spread by releasing spores. Rust spores can be carried by the wind, insects or birds, or as we learnt earlier, via your clothes and shoes. 

How do I control rust in my lawn?

Rust can be controlled in the short term by applying a fungicide treatment. This will tackle the problem head on, but may not prevent it returning.

To help reduce the chances of rust returning in the future, it is best to improve the overall condition of your lawn by using Green Man Lawn Care Booster Treatments (scarifying, aerating and overseeding) on an annual basis, combined with a seasonal fertiliser program.