What are invasive grasses?

A good domestic amenity lawn should only contain a few different grass types. The most common are bent, fescue and rye. There are weed-like grasses that we don’t want growing in our lawns such as annual meadow grass. These weed-like grasses are also referred to as invasive grasses.

Above: Some examples of Invasive grasses. Notice the difference in the overall appearance

Why don't we want invasive grasses in our lawns?

Invasive grasses are not that pleasant to look at. Some are very pale and weak looking, and will grow outwards and sideways rather than straight upwards. Invasive grasses generally don’t have a very good colour and will often grow quicker than the more desirable grass types. They can quickly shadow out the more desirable grasses, causing bare patches and allowing them to grow further into the available spaces.

How do invasive grasses get into my lawn?

Like most other weeds, invasive grasses will reach your lawn via seeds that are blown in the wind or carried by wildlife. 

How do I control or remove invasive grasses?

As these grasses are members of the grass plant family, chemical control is very difficult without killing off the surrounding desirable grasses. So for obvious reasons, our selective weed control applications have no effect whatsoever. But there are a few things that can be done to help.

Mowing more regularly

Invasive grasses often reproduce by seed only. Therefore, the less chance these invasive grass plants have to form viable seeds, the less chance they will have of reproducing, especially in other areas. Mowing regularly also helps to maintain a thick sward of grass, reducing the chance of invasive grass seeds reaching the soil and growing.

Watering during dry periods 

Invasive grasses can often tolerate drier conditions than desirable grass types. Ensuring the soil remains wet during dry periods will ensure the desirable grass plants remain healthy.

Kill and patch repair

One option is to kill the area and carry out a full patch repair. Green Man Lawn Care can advise you on how to do this or we can carry this service out for you.