Now that your renovation or patch repair has been completed, it’s important to maintain a good aftercare regime.

The most important part of aftercare is watering. Whether the area has been covered in germination sheet (the white sheeting you can see in the picture) or not, the same rules apply.


Following lawn renovation or patch repair, the seed will require constant access to water to ensure it germinates and matures. This maturing process is vital to the success of the lawn renovation or patch repair and can take up to 8 weeks depending on factors such as are and soil temperature. During the growing season (Spring and Summer), and assuming you have kept it watered inline with our guidelines, this maturing process should take around 3 to 4 weeks.

You need to water the renovated or repaired areas consistently and inline with our guidelines. The biggest mistake we see people make is once the seed germinates, the watering regime slows down or is not consistent. If the seed germinates then has no access to water, the plant will most likely die and will require further work to rectify the issue.

Daily Watering

To ensure there is a sufficient amount of water in the soil, it needs to be watered daily. If it rains during the day, in most cases, the soil will remain wet enough. However, if it rains, then the sun comes out, it is common for the water in the surface of the soil to evaporate quite quickly. Therefore, to ensure the seed and plants has consistent access to water, watering it every night for around 15 minutes should be suffice. The warmer the weather, the more water it needs so don’t hesitate to leave the sprinkler on for longer during hotter dryer periods.

If we have applied a germination sheet (the white sheeting you can see in the picture), you should place your sprinkler on top of the sheeting. The water will seep through the sheeting and keep the area beneath moist.

We recommend you read our full guide on watering by clicking here.

Make sure the entire area is watered

It’s important to check how far your sprinkler reaches when watering the renovated or repaired lawn areas. If your sprinkler doesn’t reach all areas, you should move it to ensure all areas get an equal amount of watering.

What next?

If you haven’t already, we’ll advise you of when we will be carrying out a follow-up visit. If we have applied germination sheet, we will review the progress and if it is ready, we will remove the germination sheet.


When do I start mowing it?

In most cases, we’ll advise you on when to start mowing your newly renovated lawn or patch repair at your follow-up visit. However, if we haven’t applied germination sheet, and the grass plants reach 3 inches, you should start mowing your lawn back down to 2 inches.

To ensure the grass plants remain healthy, you must read and follow our guide lines on mowing by clicking here.

What happens if I forget to water?

If areas are not watered, the seed will most likely not germinate. If it has germinated and the plants are in their maturing stage, the plants may die and not recover. Remedial work will be required to fill in an gaps that are affected.