What is Dry Patch

Dry Patch is a poorly understood lawn condition that presents itself as areas of brown, dried out grass or bare soil. The soil underneath is bone dry, and no amount of rain or watering will help these area recover.

What causes Dry Patch?

The most common understanding of what causes dry patch is a combination of factors. If soil is left to dry out, localised compaction can start to occur. Over time, the growth mycelium (the body of fungi) will increase, and in doing so, this can cause hydrophobia. 

When something is hydrophobic, it means that it is unable to absorb water. Water will simply collect on the top and will eventually evaporate instead of being absorbed in to the soil.

How do we control Dry Patch?

There are various methods to helping to alleviate the problems caused by Dry Patch. Green Man Lawn Care’s Dry Patch control treatment will help alleviate the soil compaction, reduce hydrophobia to help the soil absorb water, and reduce the growth of fungal mycelium to a suitable level.