A lawn is just large cluster of grass plants, so bringing a lawn back to life is the easy part. Depending on its current condition, we’ll recommend what is required to bring it back to life. This can be anything from an annual programme of seasonal treatments to a full renovation. 

Ensuring it stays green, healthy, weed and moss free is what most people find difficult. Green Man Lawn Care’s treatments combined with the advice we offer can help you maintain your lawn to the highest standards.

Yes. Our lawn treatments are designed to work alongside the advice we offer. After each treatment or service we carry out, we’ll let you know what you or your gardener need to do to get the most benefit from the treatments and services we have provided.

We recommend that everyone, including pets and children, are kept off the lawn for two hours after any of our seasonal treatments are applied. If it’s raining whilst we apply our treatments, you should wait until it stops and the lawn is allowed to dry off a little before walking on it again. This helps the application stay where it is rather than it being walked off.

Grazing pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept off for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, whichever occurs latest.

No. As long as we have clear access to your lawn, you don’t need to be there on the day. To ensure we keep our prices low, we are unable to offer timed appointments, but in exceptional circumstances, we can offer an AM or PM time frame. You will need to let us know prior to your treatment date if you require an AM or PM ETA as we are unable to offer one on the day of your treatment.

No, there is no contract or set amount of time you need to use us for. We offer a simple recurring service (a little bit like a window cleaner). After each treatment or service, we’ll let you know your next scheduled treatment date which is usually around 7 to 10 weeks away. If you don’t want us to carry out your next treatment or you want to cancel altogether, you’ll need to let us know three or more days before your next scheduled treatment.

We apply high quality products that are designed to give your lawn everything it needs to help control weeds and moss, as well as provide the correct amount of nutrients it requires throughout the year. We’d highly recommend you don’t apply any other lawn care products unless we have advised you to do so.

Green Man Lawn Care is a network of lawn care professionals offering a lawn care service to both domestic and commercial customers. The network consists of franchised and company owned outlets.

The clippings from your first cut after each treatment should not be added to your compost heap.

Grazing animals (such as rabbits, tortoise etc)

Spring, Early Summer and Late Summer Treatments – 2 weeks

Autumn and Winter treatments – 2 days

Adults, children and non grazing animals (such as dogs and cats)

Spring, Early Summer and Late Summer Treatments – 2 hours

Autumn and Winter treatments – 24 hours

Your next treatment or service date is printed on your invoice, and in the emails sent to you after each treatment or service is completed.