One of the biggest questions we get asked is …

“Will my lawn look perfect all year round?”

The answer to this question depends on several factors. We are a lawn care service. We provide everything your lawn needs to help you achieve a great lawn, all year round.

Our seasonal treatments ensure we provide the correct nutrients at the right time of year, while controlling the most common problems in your lawn, weeds and moss.

Depending on your desired outcome and budget, we can also carry out a full spectrum of additional lawn care treatments and services which will help you improve and maintain your lawn.

The treatments and services we provide work alongside the advice we offer to our customers.

A perfect lawn often takes time and effort. Just like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. Professional greenkeepers spend every day (yes, this includes autumn and winter) caring for their lawns and sports pitches, and in most cases, their lawns will suffer on more than one occasion throughout the year.

It’s important to follow our advice that is sent to you via email of in paper format on completion of each treatment to ensure you get the most benefit from our lawn treatments and services.

The Basics

The grass plants requires 4 major elements to grow healthy. We use the acronym L.A.W.N to remember these elements.

L – Light

A – Air

W – Water

N – Nutrients

Grass plants are at their healthiest when they have access to these four elements in the correct balance and the air temperature is warm enough for them to grow. If your lawn has any amount of shade during the day, it will have less light and this will have some (whether that be small or large) effect on the health of the grass plants in your lawn. 

If your lawn is situated in a garden that has fences surrounding it, this will disrupt the airflow over the surface of your lawn and therefore reduce the amount of fresh air flowing over the surface. This can lead to weaker grass plants and an increase in moss growth and fungal diseases.

Your Lawn During Spring and Summer

Spring is the time of year when most lawns will wake up after a long dormant stage during the autumn and winter. Spring weather conditions change from year to year. Some are cold and wet, some are warm and dry and some are warm and wet. 

These changing conditions from year to year can have a dramatic effect on the condition of your lawn. 

A cold and wet spring will mean your lawn may have more weeds and will take longer to rejuvenate itself. 

A warm and dry spring will may also cause weeds to grow quicker than the grass plants in your lawn, and will also have an effect on the rejuvenation process of your lawn.

A warm and wet spring provides the most ideal conditions for your lawn to spring back to life. Although, a warm and wet spring is also perfect conditions for fungal diseases!

Your Lawn During Autumn and Winter

Autumn and winter presents the most problems for your lawn. During this time of year, the temperature is too low for the grass plants to grow. Any amount of use during this dormant stage of the grass plants growth cycle will cause some sort of damage to the grass plants, whether that be a small amount of damage or major damage. This can cause sparse growth and patches to form.

During the dormant stage, moss, fungal diseases and various types of grubs will thrive.

Many lawns will suffer from winter die-back. This is the general name given to areas of lawn that become effected by an excessive amount of water in the soil, as well as other issues such as reduced sunlight. For more information, click here.

Your Spring treatment along with the advice sent after your Spring treatment is applied is designed to give your lawn the kick it needs to rejuvenate itself after the dormant stage. Patches may still remain and may require additional help to fix.

Important Information

When thinking about how our service can help, it’s important to remember that:

a. Our lawn care service works alongside our customers to help them achieve a great lawn all year round – Although we are able to provide the highest quality of products and services, ultimately we do not have control on many of the important factors that contribute to a great looking lawn. Our advice is free, and the more advice you follow, the better your lawn will be.

b. We do not mow your lawn – Lawn mowing is one of the most important tasks when it comes to lawn care and it will make the biggest difference to the benefit your lawn receives from our treatments and services, and the overall quality of your lawn. If you are looking for a great lawn all year round, applying the correct lawn mowing techniques is key. Click here for mowing advice.
c. We have no control over the amount of water your lawn receives throughout the year – Your lawn is a mass of grass plants. All plants need water to live. As hardy as grass may be, the less water it has available, the weaker and less attractive it will appear, and the less benefit will be gained from our treatments and services. Click here for watering advice.
d. Weeds and moss will keep coming back – Lawns are a great breeding ground for all types of plants, and our treatments are designed to control these other plants. Our weed and moss control treatments will only control the weeds and mosses that are alive in your lawn at the time of treatment. In some cases, some plants can only be controlled at different times of year. (for more information, click here). It’s important to know that new weeds and moss will start to grow in your lawn after we have applied a weed or moss control treatment.
e. Your lawn can suffer from many other problems – Your lawn is not only a great breeding ground for weeds and moss, but other living organisms will also find their way in to your lawn. Fungal diseases and insect related problems are the most common. And just like weeds and moss, these problems can keep recurring.

f. We have no control over the environment within which your lawn is growing – Every garden provides a different growing environment for the grass plants in your lawn. For example: Some are fully or partly shaded, and some are in full sun. Both of which have advantages at different times of year. Shaded lawns will retain moisture better in the summer, and lawns that get full sun will develop less thatch and moss in the winter. But, both also have their disadvantages. Shaded lawns will suffer with problems such as moss and poor growth in the winter, whereas lawns without shade will suffer more in the summer as they dry out much quicker. Other factors such as the reduction in airflow over the surface of your lawn caused by trees, fences and any buildings (such as your house), will have an effect on the overall health of your lawn.

We offer advice on how to overcome the problems that the growing environment causes.

g. We have no control over how you use your lawn – Your garden is a usable space for you to enjoy. We want you to use and enjoy your lawn, and benefit from the lush green grass we can help you to achieve. But it’s important to remember that we can’t control it’s usage, and any amount of use may cause damage that may require repairing.

h. We have no control over your budget – We’re here to diagnose your lawn problems, and recommend the correct treatments and services your lawn will benefit from. It’s up to our customers how much they want to spend.

We have a policy of not hard selling. Instead, we will recommend our treatments and services, and may follow up with a series of reminders. We’ll never carry out a treatment or service until you give us the go ahead.

i. Every lawn is different – In the many years we have been carrying out lawn treatments and services, we have seen many lawns. Some lawns will suffer from problems more than others. Even neighbouring lawns, or lawns in the same garden, may suffer from completely different problems.

j. We have no control over the weather – Most horticultural activities are carried out at specific times of the year. The reason for carrying out the different types of activities at different times of the year is usually because of differing weather patterns throughout the year.

Over the years, we’ve seen our weather change dramatically from year to year. Dry springs, prolonged dry spells during the summer and warmer than average winters are just some examples. We are unable to accurately forecast the weather so it’s important to know that should the weather do something unexpected, we can’t be held responsible for any unexpected outcomes our treatments and services have on your lawn.