Grass plants need sunlight to create energy and grow. The less access they have to sunlight, the weaker they will be. Lawns growing in shaded environments will often be sparse in growth.

What causes shade?

Lawns growing in domestic gardens will often be shaded by surrounding buildings, structures, trees and hedgerows. 

How can we reduce shade?

It is often difficult to increase the amount of light in a garden due to most shade being caused by surrounding buildings and trees. It is possible to reduce the thickness of trees and raise the canopy, but over time this will grow back.

The easiest way to combat the problems caused by trees is apply a range of different lawn care methods:

1. Reseed or overseed using shade tolerant seed varieties – Seed varieties, such as Creeping Red Fescue are tolerant to shadier environments.

2. Improve lawn mowing techniques – If cutting lawns in a shady environment, the best method of lawn mowing is little and often and maintaining a higher than average cut.

3. Maintain the level of nutrients available to the grass plants – Green Man Lawn Care’s Seasonal Treatment Plan ensures your lawn has the correct nutrients at the right time of year. We apply slow-release fertilisers so your lawn is constantly fed.

4. Control weeds and moss – Some weeds grow better than grass plants in shady environments. Ensuring weeds are kept to a minimum in these areas will improve the growing environment for the grass plants.