The grass plant will continue growing throughout the year, but will slow down as temperatures start to decrease. The minimum temperature required for the grass plant to grow is around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The diagram below shows the typical amount of growth seen throughout the year, but as we’ve already identified, the rate at which the grass plant grows throughout depends on the climatic conditions. The diagram therefore shows an average growth rate throughout the year.

A typical year would be:


When the soil is wet and air temperatures are warm with high humidity, this is a perfect combination for the grass plant to thrive.


Drier air and soils will reduce the the growth rate of the grass plant, and in times of drought, the grass plant will not grow at all, and its blades may dry out completely.


It’s common for the air to become humid again and for the air temperature to remain warm. Just like spring, conditions become perfect again. However, as the air and soil temperature starts to reduce, the grass plants growth rate also starts to slow down.


Winter is often referred to as the ‘dormant’ period. Reduced amounts of daylight, and lower ground and air temperatures slows the grass plant’s growth rate down completely, and in most cases, at some points during the winter, the plant will stop growing completely.