Autumn / Winter Lawn Care

Looking for a great lawn next summer? NOW is the time to start!

Autumn really is the best time of year to start improving your lawn in preparation for the following summer. Here’s why …

A great looking lawn requires work. Grass plants are easy to grow but maintaining a grass lawn can be difficult. At its most basic, the grass plants in every lawn require four basic elements that we call L.A.W.N:

              L – Light

              A – Air

              W – Water

              N – Nutrients

Light – Grass plants require sunlight to photosynthesise and grow. Autumn days still provide enough light and warmth for the grass plants to grow and rejuvenate following any lawn care services.

Airflow – Increasing the airflow around the grass plants in your lawn will increase their all-important air intake. At the same time, an increase in airflow will decrease the potential for fungal diseases (such as Fusarium and Red Thread) to take hold.

Waterflow – Grass plants need water and nutrients to live. Nutrients are carried in water via the roots of the grass plants. Improving the flow of water is a great way of improving the overall health of your lawn.

Nutrients – Nutrients are important to improve and maintain the life of the grass plant.

To improve the amount of L.A.W.N available to the grass plants in your lawn, we offer a range of different services. We call these services Booster Treatments because that’s just what they do. They BOOST the health of your lawn!

We also carry out repair work such as renovations and patch repair to fill in those unsightly bare patches.

But, why Autumn?

Booster treatments require a period of ‘rejuvenation’ after they are carried out, and autumn provides much better conditions for this rejuvenation process. 

A much better, less stressful rejuvenation process

Spring and summer can be a difficult time for grass plants. Hot and wet conditions are great, but how often do we get these two conditions together? Even when we do, these humid conditions often give fungal diseases the chance to attack. Most of the time though, it’s either cold and wet or hot and dry! 

Autumn can often give us the best of both conditions. Warm (but not too hot) and wet (but not too wet). Soils will often stay wetter for longer, and the cooler conditions offer the grass plants in your lawn the chance to rejuvenate slowly.

Fancy watering your lawn every day?

No, us neither! Rejuvenation requires water, and a lot of it. If your lawn is left to dry out over too long a period, your lawn’s rejuvenation can often slow down, and in some cases be reversed. You could of course water it, but during spring and summer, this could turn in to an every day task. During autumn, rising water tables, increased rainfalls and cooler temperatures mean you can leave the watering to mother nature.

Down-time for your lawn 

Spring and summer can often be a busy time of year for your lawn. Heavy use combined with weekly lawn mowing will often slow down the rejuvenation process. Autumn is the time when your lawn gets to rest and rejuvenate.

Who wants to look at a messy lawn?

Booster Treatments can be quite intrusive and may leave your lawn looking a little worse-for-wear, or sometimes unusable during the rejuvenation process. During the spring and summer, your lawn is there to be enjoyed and admired. During autumn and winter, who cares what your lawn looks like!


Moss is the UK’s biggest lawn problem. It attacks when your lawn is starting to slow down its growth. If moss is left untreated during the autumn and winter, come spring-time, your lawn could simply be a bed of moss. It’s much easier to deal with the moss earlier on than it is in the spring.

As well as spring and summer treatments, The Green Man Lawn Care seasonal treatment plan consists of an autumn and winter treatment, both of which are designed to tackle moss and prepare your lawn for the cold winter.

For a Great Lawn Next Summer, The Time Is Now!

So there you have it. If it’s a great lawn you’re looking for next summer, now really is the best time to start. Like anything in life … it’s all in the preparation!

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