Water Saving Tip: Use the dishwater!

Water is essential to keeping your lawn green and healthy. And, with so much energy going in to getting it to our taps, it makes sense to use it as efficiently as possible. Here’s a great tip for using waste water to keep your lawn watered. Use the water that use to wash your dishes!

That’s right. Dishwater, also known as grey water, is great for your lawn. Washing up liquid, such as fairy liquid, also helps to “thin” down water, enabling it to get through areas of compacted soil.

It goes without saying that you’re probably best removing any large bits of waste food, but it’s much better than simply throwing this much needed water down the drain!

I know, I know … One bowl of dishwater isn’t going to go far (I hear you say), but every little helps. And, if you start on the most compacted areas of lawn (the areas that grow the slowest and dry out the quickest), then at least you’ll have less brown areas than you would normally.

ps – it’s not just the dishwater either. Bath and shower water works well too!

Check out this link from the Royal Horticultural Society