What is a Dry Patch Treatment?

Green Man’s Dry Patch Treatment helps to control and mask the symptoms of Dry Patch.

The procedure includes:

  1. Hollow-tine Aeration
  2. Fungicide Application
  3. Wetting Agent (WaterSave) Application

What can I expect from a Dry Patch Treatment?

Following a Dry Patch Treatment, the affected areas should start to recover. A reasonable recovery would be grass plants starting to populate the once bare areas. In some cases, depending on the severity of Dry Patch, the areas may need a patch repair. 

Is there anything I should do after a Dry Patch Treatment?

Following a Dry Patch Treatment, you should water your lawn heavily. This will help to carry the fungicide and wetting agent applications through the soil. You should then continue to water your lawn by following our watering advice. Refrain from mowing your lawn for 24 hours after a Dry Patch Treatment, after which you should continue mowing your lawn as normal.

When can I go back on the lawn after a Dry Patch Treatment?

Other than stepping on the lawn to water it, you should stay off (the treated area) for 24 hours after the treatment is carried out.

I have grazing animals or animals that use the lawn (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises). How long should I keep them off for?

You should keep such animals off the lawn for ten days following a Dry Patch Treatment.